3 Key Ways To Deal With Common Client Objections

Turn an objection into a sale.

Sometimes Realtors® aren’t sure how to deal with an objection.

It’s no secret that client relationships don’t always go according to plan. But the truly great agents are masters of how to deal with adversity and spin it into a positive. So when a client objects to a plan you’ve come up with, how do you assure them it’s in their best interest?

Understand the degree of the objection.

Real estate veteran Kevin Ward explains that there are three important things to remember client objections and they require careful thought. What you need to do is learn to recognize the differences in real time and react in a calm and swift manner. The three things to remember are:

  1. An objection is a question that you need to answer.
  2. A complaint is simply an expression of emotion about something they don’t like.
  3. A condition is a situation you can do nothing about.

The third tip is key to remember!

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