Become An Irresistible Real Estate Agent By Sharing Other People’s Content

Engage your targeted leads.


When it comes to standing out online, your best bet is to offer your own original content. Blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates that revolve around your views and tips on the real estate market that will make you stand out as an authority in the field.

Realistically, not everyone has the time or ability to grow a blog or a social media account and plenty of people who don’t still want to advance their career in the real estate industry. So is it possible to show the world how smart you are without creating your own content?

The answer is yes!

Here are 5 reasons why sharing other people’s content (content curation) will make you an irresistible real estate agent.

1. You Know Everything About Real Estate

This is your career. You are passionate about it and you know the real estate game inside and out. You can provide valuable insights into the industry through sharing the latest market updates, tip & tricks, and informational guides for current and potential clients. This will position you as an expert in your field and you will become the “go to” real estate agent for buyers’ needs.

When you provide valuable content without any expectations from your audience they respond to that in a very positive way. They don’t want to spend hours researching and scouring the Internet for information. They also don’t know exactly what they should be looking for, but you do. They want to come to you, to your social media sites, for the best up to date information about the real estate industry.

2. You’re At The Forefront of Technology

According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of homebuyers search online during their home buying process. Everyone is online and more specifically on social media sites. This in turn has Facebook quickly becoming a go to search engine to find leads and for potential clients to find you. Social media is where you are expected to be nowadays so you can engage with your audience online and in real time.

It’s important to utilize social media to share real estate advice, ideas, and information in real-time. You can have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. but if you don’t actually provide valuable information to your audience then your pages become boring brochures. These types of pages will not generate any profitable leads and it can actually hinder you to have a page up without regular posts.

3. Great Customer Service Is Your #1 Concern

People respond to others who provide free, valuable, engaging information with no expectations. It’s the 80/20 rule put into action. This means providing high quality, free information 80% of the time and promoting yourself only 20% of the time. Instead of talking about YOU, your social media is used to help others. Really, when it comes down to it this is the main reason to have a social media presence. Your goal is to provide value to your customer by enriching their buying experience and making their lives a little easier.

4. Your Know Who The Big (And Little) Fish Are

When you follow the industry leaders you can bet that they are either on the forefront of new industry developments or creating them. By keeping your eye on the big fish you can make sure you are always in the know about the latest and most relevant industry trends.

It’s also important not to forget the little fish. There might be an innovative new up and comer that could change the game. It’s important to keep your eyes here too in case there is an opportunity for you to jump on a rising new trend and position yourself as an industry leader.

5. You’re Well Connected

By sharing other people’s content you will get noticed by the contributors whose content you are curating and grow your network. This will expand your access to people who are professionals in the field giving you a roster of lawyers, designers/stagers, and brokers etc. available to recommend. You will both benefit from this type of networking by driving new leads in each direction.

While sharing other people’s content to emphasize your own expertise is faster than creating your own content. It does not eliminate the time it takes to source and share top quality content on a regular basis. To outsource this marketing initiative even further consider hiring a CityBlast Social Media Expert to source the best new content and update your accounts for you. Try CityBlast’s FREE 14-day trial today!

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