13 Creative Ways To Attract More Leads Through an Open House

Throw the best party in the neighborhood.

Believe it or not, you have been approaching open houses wrong this whole time.

Open houses should be about more than just having curious neighbors from the area coming by to look. This is an opportunity to attract more leads through an open house and get some real traction. The challenge, of course, is getting enough people to show up so that you can gain some real interest in the property.

Don’t treat an open house like a museum, throw a party!

If you treat your open house like the hottest party of the year, you’re sure to attract more people to come and see exactly what you’re planning. Real estate mastermind, Coach Tom Ferry, breaks down 13 creative ways to attract more people to your open house and convert them into leads. Some key points are:

  • Know your customer
  • Know your budget
  • Know who it is you’re trying to attract

Stay until the end for his killer script!

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