7 Essential Tricks To Take Control Of Your Online Reputation TODAY

Whether you like it or not, your real estate business has an online reputation.

Whether you like it or not, your real estate business has an online reputation. Surveys have found that trustworthiness and reputation are the two most important factors when homebuyers and sellers are looking for an agent. If your online reputation isn’t perfect, you will lose business. Here are 7 simple tricks to ensure that your online reputation is helping you attract customers:

1. Audit Your Search Results

90% of home purchases start online and 93% of online research starts with a search engine. See what potential customers see by searching for your name and business on Google. If you don’t show up in the search results, you’ll need to create more content. If you find bad reviews, you’ll need to address them. You can optimize your online presence but you have to start by finding out what needs to be fixed.

2. Set Up Google Alerts

You should only have to audit yourself once. Set up Google Alerts for your name, business, and any other search query for which you want to show up in the results. Google Alerts will send you an email every time there is a new result for your chosen keywords.

3. Keep your Social Networks Professional

Don’t let your private life affect your business. Make sure that your personal Facebook page is not visible to the world and, even then, behave as if everything you did online was visible to your clients. This strategy will protect you from unexpected changes in privacy settings and ensure that members of your personal networks who might become your clients view you as the consummate professional.

4. Respond to Negative Reviews

Make a point of responding to any negative reviews you find. You can turn this situation to your advantage by writing helpful, non-hostile replies. This will either change the reviewer’s mind or demonstrate to future readers of the review that you make a concerted effort to keep your clients happy. If responded to appropriately, you don’t need to fear negative reviews. In fact, research shows that consumers are suspicious of businesses that receive unanimously positive reviews.

5. Solicit Positive Reviews

Of course, you want the overwhelming majority of your reviews to be positive. In addition to providing an excellent service, you can get positive reviews by making it easy for customers to write them. Enable reviews on your Facebook pages and link to review services from your website and social profiles. You can also email customers to solicit reviews but remember not to be too aggressive in your pursuit of these reviews. People are less likely to help you if they feel harassed.

6. Share Useful Content

Search engines reward original and useful content. Instead of leaving your online reputation in the hands of others, take control of your reputation by creating and sharing helpful content. Spread news about the housing market, the houses you’ve sold and are selling, and the reviews and testimonials you’ve received. Since 92% of searchers never look beyond the first page, publishing useful and relevant content can ensure that pages you control get all the clicks and results you dislike are rendered virtually invisible.

7. Be Active On Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways of publishing content and controlling your reputation. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn tend to rank very high in search results. These platforms also allow you to curate shareable content that can position you as an expert in your field. If you don’t have the time to manage your social media presence, consider hiring a Social Expert to do it for you.

Wrapping It All Up

Maintaining a good online reputation is incredibly important. When properly managed, your online reputation is a powerful marketing tool. By monitoring what is said about you, responding to reviews, sharing quality content, and remaining active and professional on social networks, you can take control of your online reputation and use it to generate more leads and sell more homes.

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