5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

These books can offer some great insight for entrepreneurs.

Where do good ideas come from? The truth is, they come from everywhere!

Knowledge Is Power

It’s been said that all of the world’s most successful people are also of the most well-read. An entrepreneur’s reading list should be constantly growing so that new and insightful information can feed into your work.

Why These Books Matter

There’s a number of reasons why this matters, it almost never matter what industry is being written about specifically, since so much of the advice inside can be applied universally.

  • Receive different perspectives from different authors
  • Discussion opportunities with other agents, business owners or entrepreneurs
  • Helps you keep laser sharp focus on your own process and goals
  • Strengthen and develop existing ideas with new information.

Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman shares her top must-read picks for the books that every entrepreneur should read.

The first one is a classic everyone should read!

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