11 Tips For Acing Your Listing Presentation

Is your presentation strategy on point? It will be now.

It’s a no brainer; knowing how to put together a winning listing presentation is absolutely essential for any realtor. Realtor Mag saying “listing appointments are your chance to outshine the competition and instil confidence in sellers that you’ll shepherd their transaction to a speedy and satisfying close.” Pitching a listing presentation takes time, effort and a lot of research, so losing out on listings after putting all that effort can be frustrating and demoralising.

Here are our top 11 tips to ace your next listing presentation and get that property under your portfolio belt!

1. Actively Screen Prospective Clients

While it can be tempting to try and make as many presentations as possible, you should really be focusing on clients who are ready to sell immediately. Therefore when you start initial contact with the client make sure you find out what their motivations for selling are and what the expected time frame is. From their answers you can then decide how much time, if any, you are willing to spend preparing a presentation.

2. Last Is Best!

Ask whether or not other agents are being interviewed and if so, always ask to be positioned last. REM Online maintains that strategically, this is the best spot to be as it means you and your presentation are the last thing they remember. It also gives you a chance to answer any final questions and address any criticisms that other interviewees might have made about you.  Most important of all, it puts you in a great position to seal the deal there and then as all the interviews have been completed.

3. Make Sure You Present To All Decision Makers

Don’t just address on member of the decision party, address them all! When you confirm the appointment make sure everyone will be present. This allows for free flow of communication and ensures there is no confusion and no need for any information to be relayed.

4. Choose A Good Environment

Make sure the setting for your presentation is positive and professional. Turn down any blaring TV’s or radios and try to find a big space such as a dining table to spread out materials. Try not to use couches as this seems unprofessional and often finds parties seated too far apart.

5. Gauge Personality Type

Realtor Mag suggests that before you begin, try to get a good idea of what sort of people your clients are. You can take clues from things such as body language and vocabulary. This will allow you to more effectively communicate with them and pinpoint the areas that they deem important. You can also adjust your presentation style to make them feel more kindly towards you as a person.

6. Benefits Before Price

This is an age old sales technique that is just as relevant in the real estate industry. When the client knows all the benefits on offer, the final price will seem like much better value, regardless of how big or small.

7. Keep It Simple

Putting too much information on the table is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a listing presentation. Confusing the client with industry jargon won’t do you any good. Instead simplify the terms and make the presentation as easy to understand as possible.

8. Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd

Make sure you highlight how you stand out from your competitors and what you can give them that others can’t. Set yourself apart by give a step-by-step explanation of what your plan of action is and you will have them begging for your business in no time!

9. Use Social Media

Including a social media marketing strategy with your listing presentation adds a modern, pro-active and professional edge. Mark yourself out as a savvy realtor by demonstrating just how social networks can be employed to supersize listing visibility and turbo charge viewings. CityBlast’s awesome Blasting tool is a natural fit for this part of your presentation. Wow your audience by describing just how the Blasting tool will help you to compete in a cutting-edge manner, sell the property faster by acting as an affective advertising medium and will immediately showcase the home to as many as 100,000 local buyers the instant the listing hits the market.

10. Back Up Your Claims

Selling yourself isn’t enough. You need to give your client proof that you are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to pushing property. Third party endorsements will give people peace of mind and reassure the client that they are making the right decision.

11. Use Statistics To Your Advantage

Statistics don’t lie. You can harp on all you like about how wonderful you are and how much you can bring to the sales process but at the end of the day this means nothing unless it is backed up by cold, hard evidence. Using statistics to illustrate your expertise puts a numerical value on your skills and acts as a direct indicator that you are the agent for the job!

Wrapping It All Up

Being able to give a top notch listing presentation is a no brainer key to success as a realtor. From using social media to presenting hard to ignore statistics, there are are lots of tactics that can strengthen your pitch and help it to stand out from the crowd. Follow these top 11 tips and you will be well on your way to acing your next property listing presentation. For extra guidance and advice, City Blast has the extensive knowledge and industry expertise to help you with everything you need to know to make sure your presentation is the stand out winner!

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