Leadership: Does it pay to be nice?

Kindness and business can still make a good match.

Do nice people finish last in business? Not at all!

As much as lots of the business advice floating out there may want you to lean towards ruthlessness, there’s still a place for kindness in your professional life.

Close It With Kindness

Whether you’re an agent or any other kind of professional, you know that positive interactions have the power to sway people – making sales and closing that much easier in the following ways:

  • Being able to connect with your client or customer on a personal level
  • Building trust with your client or customer & making them comfortable to make referrals on your behalf, netting you more business.
  • Creating a working relationship that will last beyond one sale

American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks explains why being nice is the key to your business life.

At 30 seconds in, it all starts to make sense.

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