How A Niche Market Will Make You A Better Real Estate Agent

Sell more homes by finding your niche!

Are you a real estate agent that is running around helping clients buy or sell all kinds of homes on the market?

Stop. You’re doing it all wrong. Watch as Kevin Ward explains the importance of finding a niche market and how it can actually improve your business brand!

Find out why finding a niche market is a better way of doing business at the 4:02 minute mark!

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  • subliminable

    Please include a direct link for YouTube videos. This is unwatchable on a 4G/LTE connection because of how it’s embedded. For a group that supposedly gets it when it comes to mobile, this is a pretty big fail.

    • Brittany CB

      Hi @subliminable:disqus !

      So sorry that you had issues watching the video on your phone! Not sure what happened there. It seems to be working on our end, but in case you are looking for the link, we have linked it into the text above.

      As always, thanks for the feedback and we will continue to make the blog more user friendly!