4 Ways to Dodge the Dreaded Summer Slump

Are you on the way to losing productivity?

Are you maximizing your summer productivity?

You know that summer means more clients buying and selling, but Coach Tom Ferry reveals something many agents overlook: the Summer Slump. Use his actionable strategy to plan out your summer business and continue profiting into Autumn.

Watch at 7:05 for Tip #4. Outstanding!



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  • subliminable

    Have you guys ever tried watching embedded videos on a mobile connection? You can’t. The streaming time makes them unwatchable.

    You started putting YouTube links in the articles so your subscribers could actually watch them, and then you stopped.

    This sends a really strong “Mobile? LOL!” message, and reveals that you don’t actually “get” the web even though your entire business model is web-based.

    This is so baffling…

    • Elizabeth CityBlast

      Hi @subliminable:disqus,

      What a fail on my part, thanks for the heads up! I’ve added in the link now, so I hope you can enjoy the video. I appreciate your feedback!

    • DoingitREAL

      Easy Tiger. Embedded vids add like 0.5MB to a site: http://www.labnol.org/internet/light-youtube-embeds/27941/. If that bogs down your phone that much, might be time for an upgrade…or better service provider. Lemme guess: you’re with Comcast? haha